Attorney-Client Communication

LawMessenger is a free messaging service for anyone who needs immediate legal advice from lawyers in their home state or anywhere across the country. LawMessenger makes it possible for members (a/k/a Clients) to obtain several opinions about their legal matter from lawyers and other online members, through public chat room discussions and private text consultations. In addition to this free service, LawMessenger's premium features provide lawyers with custom billing and marketing tools that enhance their online experience and contribute to better communication between attorneys and clients.


Private Text Consultations

Members who register on LawMessenger can chat with any number of guests in the public chat rooms, or they can request to have private text consultations with other registered members. Private messaging between a Lawyer and Client becomes activated when either member accepts the other member's consultation request. Clients always have the option of remaining anonymous on LawMessenger by not providing anyone with their personal information. Private messaging maintains the Client's anonymity until the Client chooses to reveal his or her identity.

Public Chat Rooms

Messaging in public chat rooms has become a form of communication that encourages digital socialization across the world. The public chat rooms featured on LawMessenger allow members to become part of a unique online legal community that participates in discussions about important legal topics of the day. Our chat rooms are created so that members can begin a dialog with one another about those legal issues or the legal issues they face themselves. In doing so, Clients have an opportunity to discuss and try to understand their legal issues with Lawyers who are willing to communicate and assist them on LawMessenger.


How LawMessenger Works


LawMessenger is Free

Clients NEVER pay to use any of the chat features on LawMessenger. Our service is primarily designed to allow members/clients to communicate with lawyers and other registered members about any legal matter that interest them, including their own legal issues. In doing so, many members choose to hire lawyers who have a strong online presence and an impressive online profile. Once the lawyer agrees to represent the member, an attorney-client relationship is established and communication can continue online through LawMessenger or through traditional means .

Paying Attorney Fees

When an attorney-client relationship is established, lawyers have the right to charge a fee for the legal services that they provide. The manner in which legal fees are structured depends on the type of legal matter that the lawyer agrees to accept, and/or the amount of time that the lawyer works on the client's case. LawMessenger only processes the payment of chat session fees for attorneys who choose that feature. We encourage all of our members to carefully review and research a lawyer's online profile and establish good communication with the lawyer before signing a fee agreement and paying a retainer.


Membership Plans

Lawyers who register with LawMessenger have a free membership that allows them to chat with one client and an unlimited number of guests. Lawyers can choose to upgrade their free membership and subscribe to a plan that allows them send consultation requests and also chat with more clients. Another upgraded feature that LawMessenger offers lawyers is the ability to accurately track the time it takes to send and receive messages in a chat session with a client. This feature also has the option of sending a detailed invoice of the chat session to the client.

Collecting Session Fees

A lawyer's typical chat session involves sending and receiving text messages on their phone or on their computer. Most attorneys agree that it is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately track the time it takes to compose a short message or read a lengthy one. LawMessenger calculates the number of characters in sent messages and the number of words in received messages and converts them into billable hours that can be viewed, stored, and emailed as an invoice in PDF format. LawMessenger offers attorneys this upgraded feature along with processing the payment of the invoice for the chat session.

LawMessenger has developed an algorithm that calculates a chat session bill based on a lawyer's average texting speed in characters per minute (CPM) and reading speed in words per minute (WPM). This breakthrough technology takes the guesswork out of billing a client for short text messages or long chat sessions. LawMessenger offers attorneys this unique feature so that they can accurately track and bill their clients for their texting activity. Lawyers should test and save their texting and reading speeds because they will be required to state their CPM and WPM when registering for membership.


3 Clients
$ 4.99
  • Create a Public Profile
  • Chat in 3 Public Rooms
  • Send 10 Consultation Requests
  • View Billing Activity


10 Clients
$ 12.99
  • View Client's Private Profile
  • Chat in 5 Public Rooms
  • Send 20 Consultation Requests
  • Switch to Mobile View


20 Clients
$ 19.99
  • Create a Detailed Public Profile
  • Chat in Unlimited Public Rooms
  • Send 30 Consultation Requests
  • Save or Send Session Bill


Unlimited Clients
$ 29.99
  • Access to Custom Dashboard
  • Create your own Public Room
  • Unlimited Consultation Requests
  • Collect Session Bill

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